8000 series (1/72) - World War One

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8060 WWI Austrian Inf
8081 WWI Austrian Heavy Weapons
8238 WWI Austrian Mortar*
8258 WWI Austrian Artillery Crew

8061 WWI Russian Inf
8080 WWI Russian Heavy Weapons
8257 WWI Russian Artillery Crew
8314 WWI Russian Cavalry*
8315 WWI Russian Cossacks*

8070 WWI Ottoman Inf
8094 WWI Ottoman Artillery and Machine guns
8274 WWI Turkish Cavalry

British and Commonwealth
8071 WWI ANZAC Inf
8111 WWI Canadian Infantry
8153 WWI Australian Light Horse
8190 WWI ANZAC Heavy Weapons
8235 WWI Highland Infantry
8236 WWI Indian Infantry
8177 WWI British Heavy Weapons
8256 WWI British Artillery Crew
8272 WWI British Cavalry
8292 WWI British Expeditionary Force
8293 WWI British Khaki Drill

8109 WWI German Artillery
8110 WWI German Heavy Weapons Set
8123 WWI German Colonial Infantry
8199 WWI German Jaeger
8200 WWI German Infantry
8260 WWI German Field Wagon
8268 Askari
8269 Ruga-Ruga
8270 Schutztruppe
8276 WWI German Jaeger Bicyclists
8312 WWI German Uhlans*
8313 WWI German Cavalry*

WWI continued

8112 WWI US Infantry
8158 WWI US 75mm gun with crew

8113 WWI FT-17 with 37mm cannon
8114 WWI FT-17 with Hotchkiss machine gun

8122 WWI Serbian Infantry

8148 WWI French Infantry (kepi)
8159 WWI French Arty crew (kepi)
8161 WWI French 75mm gun with crew (helmet)
8273 WWI French Cavalry

Artillery pieces
8173 WWI Putilov 76mm Gun
8242 WWI Italian 75mm Deport Gun
8243 WWI British Q45 Howitzer
8244 WWI Skoda 75mm Mtn Gun
8245 WWI Austrian 10cm Gun
8306 WWI Arty limber*

8259 WWI Italian Artillery Crew
8221 WWI Italian Arditi
8222 WWI Italian Heavy Weapons
8223 WWI Italian Infantry

8275 WWI Belgian Bicyclists
8290 WWI Belgian Infantry
8291 WWI Belgian Heavy Weapons

* Future items. All future items subject
to change.

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