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1.* Marx Firehouse, Boys Camp, Prototype Ruined Buildings, Toledo Toy Show report.
2.* 1962 Marx Factory Catalog reprint part l, Dick Tracy prototype playset, Fort Apache Stockade, Chicago Toy Show report.
3.* Marx Babyland Nursery, T.Cohn Western Forts, Marx prototype Pirate’s Cove playset, Ideal Flying Boxcar, 1962 Marx Factory catalog reprint part II.
4.* Marx Alaska playsets, I.G.Y., D.E.W., Nativity set, MPC Jungle, 1962 Marx Factory Catalog reprint part III.
5.* Ideal Pirate Ship, Louis Marx the King, Marx Prototype Playsets, Six-Inch Figures, Western Stagecoach, Man From U.N.C.L.E.
6.* Marx Civil War Part I, Market Report, H.G. Toys playsets, Famous Canadian Heros.
7.* Marx Civil War Part II, Marx Disney Television Playhouse.
8.* Marx Gunsmoke, Johnny Ringo, Western Mining Town playsets, Johnny West Ranch prototype playset, Wild West Train.
9.* Archer Space Playsets, Marx Raytheon Missile Center, Marx Ordnance, Timmee figures, Cereal Premium Figure, Premier Space Set.
10.* Marx Disneykins, Disneyland Playset, Marx Ordnance II, Meet Freddy the Clown, Mickey Mouse Fantasy House.
11.* Marx Davy Crockett at the Alamo, Marx Disney Prototypes, MPC Pirates, Paper Playsets, Jetsons Prototype, Timmee Figures.
12.* Marx Super Circus, Big Top Circus, Tastee Freeze Baseball Figures, Marx Ordnance III.
13.* Captain Gallant, Custers Last Stand I, Little Big Horn,Gibb’s Custer, GI Joe Tin Litho Barracks Building, Marx Ordnance.
14. Ben Hur, Custer’s Last Stand II, Marx Put-Together soldiers.
15. The Untouchables, Robert Stack Interview, Marx American Heroes, MPC’s Fireball XL5.
16.* Lost In Space, Marx Jungle / Daktari, Flintstones, Marx 60mm HP figures.
17. Dreamwish playsets, Marx Daniel Boone, T.Cohn Airport, Marx 60mm Sports Figures, Magic Marxie.
18. Marx HO Miniature Playsets, Auburn Western Frontier.
19. Construction Camp I, Fort Pitt, Peco Pirates, T.Cohn Naval Base.
20. Marx HO Miniature Playsets, Western Town Furniture, Marx Big Inch Pipeline (Construction II), Timmee Employee Interview.
21. Military Academy, Marx Presidents, 1950s Drive In, HO Sword/Stone
22. Marx Tinykins, Fairykins, Marx Skyscraper, Rich Freight Terminal.
23. Marx Sears Store, Superior Space Port, 6” HP Goldmarx, Sky King.
24. Marx Zoo, Susy Goose Motel, Cape Canaveral Missiles, Wood Forts.
25. Marx Prince Valiant, Castle Fort, Accy Sprues, P.Valiant Characters.
26. Marx Wells Fargo, Barzso’s Rogers’ Rangers
27. Marx Yogi Bear, Indian Warfare, Comic Book Flats, Timpo Figures.
28. Marx Zorro, Deluxe Reading Operation X-500, MPC Ft Boone, Prehistoric Animals.
29. Marx Tom Corbett, Rex Mars, Canadiana Frontier, MPC Air Force.
30. Marx Wagon Train, Timpo Prairie Rocket Western Train.
31. Airfix HO Figures, Remco Big Caesar, MPC Firehouse, Susy Goose Superette mini-sets, Rel Figures.
32. Marx Revolutionary War, Alamo #C-3530, Buck Rogers Figure.
33. Ideal Mounties HQ, Mounties Outpost, Frontier Town, Ft. Laramie.
34. Robin Hood, Marx Animals, Comanche Pass Playset.
35. Marx Moon Base, Project Apollo, Barzso Battle of New Orleans.
36. Mettoy General Hospital playset, Hopalong Cassidy, Cape Cheerios, Magic Marxie.
37. Marx Strategic Air Command, Build-your-own Prototypes, Marx Rockets, Marx Shoebox sets.
38. Marx Rifleman Ranch, Cattle Drive, Marx Walking Toys.
39. Marx Freight Stations, Glendale Station, McKenna acquisition.
40. Marx Mineral City, Wyatt Earp Dodge City, Silver City Western Towns, C & B Western Town, Elm Cars.
41. T.Cohn Scotty’s Diner, Remco Barracuda Sub, Mighty Matilda, Anzio Invader, Barzso’s Mike Fink Keelboat set, Swansea Bungalow.
42. Hamilton’s Invaders, Marx Battleground Terrain, Britains Hospital mini-sets, California Raisins.
43. Marx Pet Shop, Schoolhouse, PX Playset, Giant HO Figures.
44. Auburn figures, sets, mini-sets, catalog reprint.
45. Atlantic Greeks, Ideal Flying Saucer, Barzso’s Davy Crockett set.
46. Marx Cape Canaveral playsets, Ideal Battle Action, Renwal Zoo.
47. Linemar Tin Litho Vehicles, Ideal mini-sets & catalog reprint.
48. Susy Goose Super Market, Toy Auctions, Build a Zorro Streetfront.
49. Martian Landing, Galaxy Command, Atlantic Egyptians
50. The Lone Ranger: Nostalgia, History, Premiums, & Playsets.
51. Kahn Trailer House, Marx Marine Mobile Unit, Peco & Gay Figures, Marx Prototype Freight Station, Personal Collector Stories.
52. Marx International Jetport & AstroJet Airport Playsets, OTSN ‘97.
53. Inside Marx—The Real Louis; Atlantic Romans; Barzso Mohicans playset.
54. Fort Dearborn, Inside Marx Part II—The Playset Kings.
55. Canadian Playsets; Fort York; Inside Marx Part III—The Figures
56. Marx Mystery Spaceship; Inside Marx IV—The Figures; New Production Pieces.
57. Giant Figures from Hong Kong; Inside Marx V—Memo From Louis.
58. Marx Landfill; Inside Marx VI—Christmas to Christmas: the Marx Assembly Line; Reader’s Holiday Scrapbook;Giant Figure Update.
59. Atlantic Wild West figures & sets, New Product review.
60. Rin Tin Tin at Fort Apache; Lido WWII; Timmee Santa Fe Pioneers.
61. MPC Ringhand Figures, MPC Playsets, New Figure Production.
62. Tin litho & plastic Garages, Fort York update, Krazy Days Sale.
63. Barzso's Treasure Island playset, New Production, Golden Age II.
64. Marx Prehistoric Playsets, the untold story; Conte War Lord & Zulu playsets; OTSN '99 show report.
#65. Inside Marx Update: Inner Sanctum; Recycling Marx Fort Apache; End of an Era.
#66. Marx #2660 Cowboy & Indian Set; Conte Collectibles Zulu #2: Chapel & Storehouse and #3: Last Redoubt; Marx Figure Mysteries; The Era Aftermath.
#67: Museum Spotlight: #6006 Marx Farm Set; J.H.Miller Co. Figures; Red-Legged Devils; Marx 35mm Figures; The Noddys; Goodies.Com; Once Upon a Time.
#68. Conte Beau Geste playset; Barzso Treasure Island Pirate Ship; Stuart Figure Mystery; Marx #3488 Service Station playset.
#69. Marx NY Offices; Sneak Preview: Metal Figures to Plastic; OTSN 2000; Conte Adventures of the Foreign Legion playset; Marx #6990 Fox Hunt Dollhouse.
#70. Conte Longest Day playsets #1 & #2; Marxville Railroad Buildings; Color of Plastic.
#71. Atlantic World War II figures & sets; Marx #4645 Boot Camp Carryall.
#72. Marx Army Training Center; Marx on the March; Anchor Buggy & Carriage Company; Marx Figure Interaction; Rags to Riches; More Marxville Railroad Buildings.
#73. Marx #6063 Giant Fort Apache playset; Marx Toy Museum Opens; Six-inch Figures; Barzso French Figures; Toy Soldier Archaeology.
#74. Dime Store Playsets Medieval, Daniel Boone, BeachHead Assault, etc; #4681 Fort Apache Carryall; Museum Grand Opening; Halloween Figures.
#75. Marx Service Stations; Rare Moses Figure; Diecast Dioramas; OTSN 2001; Lemax Figures; Barzso Civil War Camp; PFPC Farewell Roast.
#76. PFPC: The Beginning; Gene Scala, the Man Who Had It All; Marx #3714 Jungle Animals Playset; PFPC's Heroes.

SPECIAL EDITION: (This was not a part of the regular subscription) Marx Factory Master Playset List, Marx Warriors of the World, Marx Training Centers, Battlegrounds, WWII playsets, Ideal Battle Action playsets. A military collector’s sourcebook! *Now out of print.

BEST OF PFPC I: Contains many of the features originally appearing in the early Sold-Out issues: Marx Civil War I & II, Ft Apache Stockade, Firehouse, Store Display Figures, Marx Factory Prototypes, T.Cohn/Superior Western Forts, Ideal Pirate Ship.

BEST OF PFPC II: Reprint features: Davy Crockett Alamo, Alaska Playsets, Gunsmoke, Johnny Ringo, Boys Camp, Dick Tracy, Pirate Cove, Western Mining Town, Johnny West Ranch, Famous Canadian Figures.

* NOTE: Early issues marked (*) are SOLD OUT! (Many of the main features are reprinted in Best of PFPC I and II).

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