PFPC is a bi-monthly collector's magazine devoted exclusively to Marx and other related playsets, figures and toys from the 50's, 60's and 70's. That's six issues per year of the best in plastic toy soldiers!

However, it is no longer actively published and is only available as back issues.    If you cherished your Fort Apache, D-Day or Space Patrol set as a kid, you're sure to enjoy them even more through the pages of our publication. Each and every issue contains 40--50 pages filled with photographs, contents lists, instruction sheet reprints and complete, detailed information on your playset favorites. We'll take you back in time to Christmas Past courtesy of our ever-growing contingent of knowledgeable collectors, and we're sure you'll relish the journey!

    We're out to cover the best in collector our one-on-one interview with the original Untouchables TV star Robert Stack, or our recent series about the original Marx Toy factory complete with archivial photos and interviews with management  personnel and employees discussing the inner-workings of playset production.

    And if you're looking to replace that elusive kid's day treasure, whether it's a complete playset or just some loose figures, our PFPC Marketplace is the place to be! Every issue is filled with ads from dealers and avid collectors who want to buy, sell and trade. PFPC's Classifieds are still the cheapest around...just 10 cents per word for current subscribers...and our display ad rates are the lowest you'll find anywhere! Our long-time advertisers know, PFPC gets results!

    While we may be the best-kept secret in the hobby, we're not just some "new kid" on the block. PFPC has been around--on time, every time, since 1989 and until our last issue in 2002. Many of our back issues are still available for those who missed out early-on and we'd love to have you with us.

    So, if you're looking for reliable, accurate information on the likes of vintage Marx, Timmee, MPC, T.Cohn, Ideal or Auburn, as well as newly-released plastic collectibles like Barzso Playsets, Legends of the Silver Screen, HäT Industrie, and Fields of Glory, come to the collector's source for the best in blanket-coverage of these old, original favorites as well as up-to-date new production!

    Now is as good a time as any to catch up on all the fun and fact- filled information you've missed! And every new or renewal subscription gets a free 25-word classified ad to help get you started!

    Check out our subscription and back issues page and sign up today for a real investment in plastic toy soldier memories! We'd love to have you join us!

    Tom Terry
PFPC Editor and Publisher

Publisher's note: Because of personal health problems, the editor and publisher of PFPC has committed to continue production of the magazine through issue #76 (February 2002) only. The situation after that issue has yet to be determined.

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