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Dated: April 3, 2005.

Any collector knows what the worst part of toy soldier collecting is, the wait! It's often a wait of months and months and even years before new sets show up. Designing and producing each set takes a long time. Every set of new toy soldiers (from any company) you've bought have probably been a year in the making.

I cannot tell you when a set will be released due to vagaries in the mold making process, but to make the wait as painless as possible we have created this page which shows the production status of the sets in the form of little graphs, so you know where in the pipeline your next set is. The graphs show the stages of production rather than time. The right side illustrates the progressive stages of production which you can follow, from sketches to master figures to test shots to painted figures to box art. Once the figures are in production they will be taken off this page and put on the "Current" page.

Various stages:
01) Research of uniforms and design of set.
02) Sketches are drawn.
03) Sculpting starts.
04) Sculpting ends.
05) Pattern making starts and ends.
06) Mold making starts.
07) Mold making continues.
08) Mold making continues.
09) Fitting of mold.
10) Testing of mold.
11) Production begins!

World War I .
#8111 WWI Canadian Infantry
#8112 WWI US Infantry
#81xx WWI French Infantry
#81xx WWI French 75mm gun

World War II .
#81xx WWII German Pak36 37mm anti-tank gun
#81xx WWII German Pak40 75mm anti-tank gun
#81xx WWII German 75mm IG 18 infantry gun
#81xx WWII Romanian Infantry
#81xx WWII German bicyclists
#81xx WWII German infantry on horseback

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