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E26 E26R Ready and waiting: E27
8157 WW2 Polish Artillery Crew
8160 WW2 Romanian Arty Crew
8292 WWI British Infantry (early)
8293 WWI British Inf (tropical dress)
55 assorted sets 8283 Sassanid Light Cav.
8285 Sassanid Clibanarii
8307 Nap. Brit Light Dragoons
8308 Nap. Brit Heavy Dragoons
Imminent Imminent Coffee

Status and dates subject to change.

Marching through time

We are a designer of 1/72 and 1/32 scale soft plastic and 28mm hard plastic military miniatures and pre-painted 60mm metal miniatures. We strive to design authentic figures of various historical armies suitable for the collector, wargamer or hobbyist. Their uniforms are carefully researched and they look just like miniatures of their real life counterparts. This website is not a listing of product availability. It is informational and only show the list of products past, present and future.

8000 series - 1/72 scale: List, Swords era, Musket era,
8000 series - 1/72 scale: Nap. French, Industrial age
8000 series - 1/72 scale: WWI, WW2
6000 series figures -mini-box- 1/72 scale
7000 series figures -reissues- 1/72 scale
9000 series figures - 1/32 scale
28000 series 28mm hard plastic figures
32000 series 1/32 scale painted metal figures
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